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NO - 3724 (55.05%)


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Who do you trust? Another promise with no substance.

This is a chart from the Bothell Yes website.  The police numbers just do not add up.
Their plan is to hire 22 new officers for the new annexation area (NEWBA) that has a population of 22,280.  That is .99 cops per thousand (.99/1000) not 1.8 like their chart below says.  This is virtually the same ratio (.97) offered by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). To fulfill the promise of 1.8 officers per 1000, Bothell would have to hire 42 new officers not 22.
In fact, the population will increase by 45% to 56,280 if annexation goes through.  
This means the city will be experience a reduction in the officers per thousand population.
Bothell’s General Fund has dropped 75% since 2007. Their 2011 revenues were 11% lower than they planned. The reduced revenues that caused their budget deficits over the last three years have forced them to reduce their spending and dip into their reserves. They now face the same tough choices like many other communities have had to endure, they need revenue (taxes/fees), or more cuts in services.

General Fund (Savings)Bothell General Fund Graph

2002  $20,251,377 
2003  $21,883,234
2004  $22,220,732               
2005  $25,003,652
2006  $14,911,218
2007  $15,014,982
2008  $12,955,076
2009  $06,994,173
2010  $04,052,527
2011  $03,756,879 

Bothell’s General Fund  has fallen 12 quarters in a row. Click here for the 2010 year end financial report.

Don't be fooled; TAXES will INCREASE!

*Data from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)2010

Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns
  • Bothell says you will get an increase in service for less money; Impossible!
  • The city of Bothell plans to close 2 fire stations in the annexed area and will remove paramedic service from Station 22 & 73.
  • Why would we want to change our current competent law enforcement?
  • Fire District 1 comissioners respond to Bothell's proposal to staff Station 22 with paramedics.  Click here to read their resolution.

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